Short Synopsis
A Humvee patrol finds humanity in a war zone while coping with the aftermath of an IED attack

Tag Line
“War is Hell. Humanity is Universal.”

FORMS: Short
Total Running Time: 16:32
Format: Super 16 Film, Fuji Film Stock
GENRES: Drama, Independent, War, Action

Medium Synopsis
After Taliban insurgents disable their Humvee, SSG Jacob Hickham and medic SGT Max Weston take charge. Weston triages the wounded as Hickham works to secure the area and rally the patrol to stay focused and alive. When an Afghan woman rises from the aftermath of the explosion to seek help from the soldiers for her wounded daughter, they confront a contradiction between their training and combat-based suspicions against their humanity.

Long Synopsis
SSG Jacob Hickham, a dedicated soldier in an elite US Army unit and a caring father, heads out on patrol with his team. His immediate priority is to complete a safe patrol. As he reveals to his crew early in the patrol, he intends to develop an action video game to make enough money to pay for his teenage daughter’s upcoming college tuition. The explanation of his agenda is disrupted as the crew gunner atop the Humvee spots insurgents ahead.

The insurgents detonate an IED (improvised explosive device), severely wounding SSG Teed, the patrol leader, and stunning the rest of the crew. Combat medic SGT Max Weston immediately jumps into action as Hickham checks for additional enemy threats. One of the insurgents is obliterated and the other lies sprawled on the ground, seemingly dead. As Weston stabilizes the wounded and calls for a Medivac for Teed, Hickham observes a woman running from the scene. Hickham commands the woman to halt. Weston and Hickham argue about what action to take. Hickham is insistent that the woman is there to finish the job of the Taliban insurgents, but Weston isn’t so sure. Weston, with a limited vocabulary in Farsi, determines that the woman’s daughter was wounded in the blast and lies nearby, in need of medical attention. As Weston and Hickham attempt to save the lives of the Afghan women and wounded soldiers, circumstances beyond their control will ultimately determine their fates.

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